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For every 5 (five) cases of Cribari Altar Wines you buy we will give you a full case (12 750ML bottles) of ROSATO for FREE. You can order by calling us toll free 1-800-626-3545 or you can order on our web site.

Tonini's Annual Wine Sale

For every 5 (five) cases of Cribari Altar Wines you buy we will give you a full case (12 750ML bottles) of ROSATO for FREE. You can order by calling us toll free 1-800-626-3545 or you can order on our web site. (Please note: the free case will not show up in your cart immediately. Order your cases and you will see it on your confirmation email before you order is shipped.)

Special Offer is effective - November 2013 thru January 2014

Order 5 cases (any assortment) - Get 1 case of 750ML ROSATO FREE. 
Order 10 cases (any assortment) - Get 2 case of 750ML ROSATO FREE
Order 15 cases (any assortment) - Get 3 case of 750ML ROSATO FREE

The savings is better than a 17% rebate! See why so many take us up on this fantastic offer year after year.

By law, Cribari Premium Altar Wines are sold solely to churches, religious institutions, and members of the clergy.

All orders shipped immediately from our Louisville, KY warehouse. Federal Tax - Dry Wines, 1.07 GAL - Sweet Wines, 1.57 GAL

Cribari Altar Rosato is a unique wine. Originally designed for communion under both species to meet the taste requirements of many. Rosato is now a favorite wine for all Eucharistic Celebrations. A delightful pink color or white with a wonderful taste! Take this opportunity to try Rosato free.


Available Wines:

Dry Wines   12% alcohol by volume
Vin Rose:
Haute Saut:


Pink, slightly sweet delicate bouquet.
Pale gold color, delightful and slightly sweet.
Pale straw color, light bodied, dry and tart,
delicate bouquet.
Ruby red, full bodied and dry.

Medium Sweet Wines   12% alcohol by volume


White Rosato:

Light Muscat:
Light Red:


One of our most popular wines. Delicate sweet and pink 
A new addition to the line of Cribari wines.  Similar to Rosato but with a delicate straw color.
Light amber in color, delightful Muscat bouquet.
Dark pink in color and not quite as sweet as Rosato.

Sweet Wines   18% alcohol by volume

Golden Angelica: 



  Golden color, pleasantly sweet. Originated in the cellars of France. one of our most popular wines.

A medium sweet sherry with a bit more sweetness than the regular sherry. Amber color.
Ruby red, velvet smooth and rich.


About Cribari...

Since 1917, the Cribari Family has been recognized as a leader in providing Sacramental Wine to the reverend clergy. Our fine reputation has been earned through the quality of our Altar Wine - quality borne of care and meticulous attention to detail.

All Sacramental Wine is prepared in full accordance with Canon Law.

Cribari Quality Reserve Altar Wine has all the proper characteristics for the high purpose for which it is intended. The Cribari Family's five generations of experience enable us to recommend this superior Altar Wine without qualification.