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Skilled craftsmen, who take pride in their workmanship, restore heirlooms and precious items as near as possinle to their original condition. All articles are cokpletely repaired prior to restoration.

Before Gold or Silver plating, all items are hand-buffed down to the base metal. Craftsmen then meticulously hand polish each piece to remove as many scratches, pits and imperfections as possible. Great care is taken to achieve the very best finish. While we specialize in 24KT Gold and .999+ Silver plating, we can also plate in Copper, Brass or Nickel.

Expert analysis of each piece (repair and replating) is reviewed. After your approval, we meticulously repair damaged areas and replace any missing parts if possible. Recreating the original design, at times, requires special talent and ingenuity. Our expert team then intricately polishes each piece, which reveals its newly achieved beauty and renewed life. We take care to preserve any engraving or specialized finish. Our craftsmen then coat your piece according to your instructions. Upon completion, your cherished article shows its original magnificence and luster.

To inquire email us with a picture with ruler for scale and description at info@tonini.net or call us toll-free 1-800-626-3545