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Thank you for choosing to do continued business with us here at Tonini Church Supply Company. Tonini's exceptional customer service now continues with our new website!

Tonini's is now featuring the ability for churches and institutions to charge orders on account ONLINE. Your church or institution MUST register an online account to enable the ability to charge an order. The following is a step-by-step guide for registering your church or institution on Tonini's website.

  1. Navigate to the top of the page and select "Log-In".

    This will bring you to the Log-In page.

  1. Navigate to the section titled “New Customer Registration” and select the icon “Register as a Church or Institution”

    This will bring you to the Account Retrieval page.

  1. Please fill the appropriate fields with the correct information and select the “Next” Icon.

    1. Account #: This is found on the back of our paper catalog sent annually. The 7 digit number above the name of your church or institution is your account #. Account # may also be found on prior invoices located directly above the name of the church or institution.(insert image of catalog back page)

    2. Church Zip: Simply the 5 digit zip code associated with your church or institution's Billing Address on file at Tonini's.

  1. This is the “Account Retrieval” confirmation page. Please enter the email you want your church or institution to have associated with the LOGIN for your online profile. (the email we currently have in our records for your church or institution will be displayed and can be changed for your ONLINE PROFILE ONLY!). Please select the “next” icon.

  2. This will bring you to our User Registration page. Please fill the boxes appropriately. And select the icon “register”.

  3. The email and password you entered will now be your login and password for every time you plan to order for your church or institution online.

    1. You may edit your profile password at any time by visiting the Edit My Profile page.

    2. To remove/disable an account you must call 1-800-626-3545.

  1. You have successfully registered your church or institution with on our new site. Enjoy your shopping experience! Please visit our How to Use My Account page under resources to learn of your online account capabilities. For any further questions please contact us at or toll free 1-800-626-3545.